Paste Paper Recipe

So, my summer art class started today! I have 33 eager students ranging from 5th to high school ages. We are starting the process of preparing our pages in our Altered Books and Visual Sketchbook Journals. Here is the recipe that we used today.

A Paste Recipe To Get You Started

Super-Simple Starch Paste

Use 1 part starch to about
5 parts water. Wheat flour
or cornstarch work well. Thoroughly mix 1 part starch with 1 part water; bring the remaining water to a boil. Once it boils, remove it from the heat and add the starch slurry while stirring. Keep stirring vigorously for at least 60 seconds. Cover and let cool. If you store the paste overnight, strain it through cheesecloth before using it again. ( I did not need to do this!)





(in the above samples, I added acrylic paint to the paste)

A dash of glycerine can be added during cooking to help the paste stay flexible as it dries. Now to add color. You can use watercolor, tempera, acrylic or dye to your paste. Store it in small plastic containers with lids in the fridge when not using. It will keep for about a week.

Remember to clean all your tools you use. Remember, it is paste! Work on waxed paper or a washable surface. You can flatten your sheets by laying a board or heavy books on top when it is dry. This recipe was found on this website:

Search for your 20 words and bring those to class tomorrow. We will be adding them to your journals and altered book pages. Be sure to find your favorite pen/tool to write with!